Who Got The Best Mother’s Day Present?

One Day Once A Year Isn’t Too Much.

The Guys Compare Their Largesse

We are aware of what our spouses accomplish each and every day. We are proud of them for their successes, many of them performed simultaneously in the workplace and homefront. We fellows truly enjoy treating our spouses to fantastic gifts.

We also derive great pleasure in making our buddies feel bad because we got our wife a much better gift than they gave theirs. So we get together to compare and brag.

The competition begins.

David set the bar high this year by giving Linda a heart valve replacement. Of course, he didn’t do it himself. That was accomplished by surgeons at the hospital. Moreover, insurance paid for a significant amount of it. But David gets much credit for calling 911.

Running hard in contention for the most considerate husband is Eddie Dene. Mary Jane wanted bricks set in the patio forming a wall behind a water feature. In his thoughtfulness, Eddie ordered the bricks and bags of ready-to-mix concrete delivered on Saturday morning so that Mary Jane could enjoy working on it all weekend.

It gets close.

Neck and neck with Eddie Dene for heart-tugging caring, Roy showed respectful attentiveness when he presented Bobbi with not just the screwdriver or the wrench that he had his eyes on, but BOTH. Eddie claimed he had also given Mary Jane two presents in the bricks and concrete, but Roy countered that it was all for ONE project whereas a screwdriver and a wrench could be used many times for any number of jobs. This led to a lively debate that was never settled but silenced by a few quaffs of calming beverages.

And then falls flat.

What got our minds away from the dispute was Jack’s attempt to puff up his gift to Sandy. He bought tickets for a Hawaiian vacation. Naturally, we laughed him out of the contest. Who would put his wife on an island in the middle of the ocean? Really? Poor Sandy. We each want to be recognized as doing the best for our better halves, but we certainly hope Sandy gets much better fare in the future.

I win.

The other guys had their say and now it was time to shame them. What Frances got was a limo ride to an evening of dancing, dining, and champagne.

Just about.

The limo was actually our Honda with the scratch in the bumper; dancing was more like me squirming on a hemorrhoid pillow; dining and champagne were scoops of frozen custard at Culver’s. But when I look into the prettiest eyes that I’ve been lucky enough to get lost in for almost 55 years, all those things happen for me. They gather right there at the base of my throat – where my heart thumps when I look at her.

Everyone is still married, so I guess we did something right.

I hope all mothers had a great day.

How did your gifts stack up? Leave a comment.

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Thank a veteran.

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