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Burton visiting with readers at the Sun City West library.

I’m changing the blog platform from Blogger to WordPress. I’m doing the switcheroo myself and still have a few kinks in it. For some reason, I’ve lost all my foreign readers even though the domain name stayed the same. I wonder if Google has a better delivery system?

Patience please, and please drop me a line here if you see a glitch that needs attention.

Go ahead and send me a note at the same address if you have a question or just want to visit a little. Let’s keep it happy, though. No politics, swearing, or any unseemly content. We like playful stuff, or writing questions.

Thanks for checking in. Don’t forget to use the signup form to have Writing Fiction sent to you first every week.

You should find some light escapism on this blog as well as some discussion on writing craft. Once in a while, I’ll attempt a vignette as the mood strikes.
The title Writing Fiction can be used to apply to a wide range of subjects.

Aspiring writers need a platform before an agent, or traditional publisher will consider their work. That’s just the way it is.
A platform is a ready-made group or list of people the author may address.
Publishers expect the author to announce to his/her platform that he/she has a book for sale. See how that works? The author writes the book and shoulders most of the marketing burden.

The way to create a platform, we’re told, is by an active social media presence – a blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and others.

You are welcome to follow along as I try to develop a blog following. Hopefully, you’ll avoid the mistakes I make.

I have been writing about the escapades of my big brother, Roy, for years. Mostly they have been one-page items that I’ve passed along to my kids. Those items are now slated for this blog.

My first serious writing attempt is an 80,000 word novel about a Blue Ridge family in 1889. I love that story, but in writing it, I learned something of the craft. It’s now on the shelf awaiting a rewrite.

Little CAB Press published my short story, Not My Will, in their first Christmas Collection, and another, The Trike Ride, in their Spring Anthology A Time To Blossom. I’m writing another story now, perhaps only a novella, but it may be marketable.

Hence, the blog. Written for experience and to build a readership. Roy started this journey and has graciously (ha) consented to let me write about his adventures as we were growing up. Most of the stories will take place in Mohave County, in and around Kingman.

We’ll hear some advice from my agent Murgalump Kneffle along the way.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.


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