The Tough Kid

Roy Voss – All grown up

The Tough Kid by R.E. Voss

Today’s post is by Roy Voss. He is about to publish another of his excellent novels in the Brock VanMarter series.

What was I thinking? I merely asked my delusional younger brother for advice and perhaps assistance, and he managed to parlay it into a double-whammy win—for himself. All I wanted was a suggestion for a book cover for one of my stories that I plan to publish soon. Not only did he manage to reverse my query by requesting that I post it on his blog, but he also neatly avoided writing his weekly epistle.
So here’s what I’d like from all the fiction-lovers who may come into contact with this. Below is the draft of the back cover blurb. Read it over and come up with a suggestion for the cover. Sadly, there is no prize for the winning idea other than the self-satisfaction of seeing your idea in print—hopefully in millions of homes around the world.


Jill Winters watched in horror as the men in dark suits gunned down her stepmother. Now she had no other option but execute the plan her father had drummed into her, a plan she always thought of as a game. As Jill recovered from the initial shock, she realized that the game was an escape and evasion strategy that she must activate or die, something no teenage girl should face. She didn’t know why, but it became all too apparent that her father expected something like this.
Had a natural heart attack killed her father or was it a carefully concealed homicide? As a federal agent, he knew things; things critical to national security like the scheme to steal top secret military data for sale to foreign agents.
Standing between millions of dollars or life in prison could be nothing more than the girl who may or may not be privy to her father’s knowledge. Jill Winters was a loose end—a potential threat. The mercenaries had to assume the worst. Everyone standing in the way of their goal had to die. With almost unlimited assets, they were determined to kill this kid.
Her objective was to do what neither her father or stepmother had managed—survive.
There you have it. Pornographic suggestions, no matter how well done, will be summarily dismissed.
Thanks, and as Burton always reminds us, thank a vet.
So there you have it. Time to get creative. Leave your contact information in the comments box and Roy will answer you. If the box is not visible, click on the blue header or go to

Writing Fiction is posted on Wednesdays.

By all means, thank a veteran.

2 thoughts on “The Tough Kid

  1. Sorry, Burk. I forgot to mention that The Tough Kid won the action/adventure genre in the Rattlers writing contest for 2016. Not to blow my own horn, but that was pretty cool.


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