Et Iratus Infectum (Angry and Wet)

What Jim Cantore Never Told Us.

The conversation started when my wife and I were enjoying coffee on the back porch. It was cooler than usual for this time of year in Arizona because of a cloud cover. After remarking that it looked like there was moisture in the clouds, I got to thinking that most people would automatically conclude that all clouds have moisture.

Not so. Most of our clouds are somewhat dusty, more like straw. They can be heard scritching through the air. That’s where Jim Cantore’s omissions are found. He can’t hide the knowledge of thunder but professional meteorologists are aware of the more esoteric nature of the heavenly travelers that they don’t share with us.

Clouds are downright frisky.

I’m right behind you.
When you think about it, you don’t want a cloud to suffer the boredom of just floating along. It’s been places and seen things. 

They have a wealth of traits we should be studying.

Some are playful.

Was it something I said?

I’m Yours

Some are wimpy.


Some are affectionate.

Some try to hide their true intentions and we may have to use some imagination.

Some are deep thinkers.

The Umpire.

Some like sports.

Or maybe I’m just an oddball as my wife reminds me periodicall. 
It Seemed Good At The Time

Do you cloud gaze? Leave a comment.

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Thank a veteran.

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