I Meant To Write


It’s not fair.

I have the Great American Novel, two, in fact, all thought out and ready to be written. All I need is the time to sit at the keyboard and type them.

Easy peasy. Except it isn’t.

Interruptions are the truth of the matter. For instance, we wanted shrubs added to a spot in the yard. What kind would grow in the type of soil and amount of Arizona sunlight where they were to be planted? We had to know so my wife took to Google to research the matter and I took to Microsoft Solitaire to think about it.
Believe it or not, that took several days. A shade tree sounded good but that took a few more days investigation. She piled up the files and I piled up points on Minesweeper Treasure Hunter.

We want the yard to look nice, so we had to go to a nursery to see the plants and talk with specialists. Well, that’s something that can’t be rushed. It takes thinking about. I was up to level 20.

I left a message on the landscaper’s phone. While waiting for a return call, I entered some thoughts for my current work, brilliant insights really, into my notebook.  Then I reached level 32.

We spent all the scheduled day waiting for the gardener to arrive. When he didn’t make it until late afternoon I was on level 98.

Now don’t go getting the wrong idea. I wasn’t merely waiting around. The Diamondbacks were playing almost every day during this time. They’re doing well so far this year, and that requires some support. We have to watch a little of that. Not only did Paul Goldschmidt homer, he’s growing a beard. Whoa!

It’s also the time of year all my annual doctors’ appointments are due. At least I’m taking my wife’s word that they are. Who keeps track of those things? I have to think about it on level 115.

There are other interruptions to important to ignore. A family reunion is scheduled. It will be in full swing by the time this blog is posted. I’m not going, but I have to think about my daughter’s involvement and her excitement at attending. Level 120.

We writers have a lonely occupation. I know it’s selfless of me to spend long hours at the computer so others will be able to enjoy the novels that will surely come. I do it for them. Just as soon as I get this level out of the way.

What’s your biggest interruption? Leave a comment.

Writing Fiction is posted on Wednesdays.

Thank a veteran.

2 thoughts on “I Meant To Write

  1. You forgot golf, which clears the mind and also Home Depot which is a relaxing way to spend lots of what you should be earning as a writer


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