Night Writing

The Perfect Time To Write The Perfect Novel

We’ve heard the advice to keep a notebook by the bed.
It’s been experienced by others that when the demands of the day wane and chores engaging the brain are released, creativity is still sparking through synapses.
It comes to us unbidden through the ether. AHA! That’s the next plot twist or a clever bit of dialogue.
Yep. It’s happened to me, I’m happy to say. I even had a pad and pencil by the bed ready to go.
So here’s what happened.
First of all, when older men stir around during the night, writing notes is not the first priority. More pedestrian needs take precedence.
Going down the hall I step on a huge spider. Cold chills wash from the nape of my neck down my back but don’t delay or moderate my 140-decibel jet engine at full take-off power scream.
My physician would say that I’m well past my high-jumping years but I must have come close to bumping my head on the ceiling.
Why didn’t I put in a night-light like my practical wife asked?
I’m scared to put my foot down because it might have spider remains all over it, and I’m scared not to because if it’s still alive I should stomp on it.
Hopping and leaping I reach a life-saving light switch and turn to face the menace.
I see it for the terror it is – a sock I left on the floor.
My wife, lovely even while being rudely awakened, reaffirms my standing in the human race, acknowledges my intelligence quotient, and thoughtfully comments on my heritage.
Dumb sock.
I try to explain that I was unprepared for the experience because I was deep in thought with an idea that would cement a best-seller. She’d appreciate it if we got rich.
“What idea?”
“Well, I can’t remember now.”

And so it goes.

Keep the notebook and pencil ready. You never know.
How about your nocturnal writing? Leave a comment.
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Thank a veteran.

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