How Little Miss Piggy Wound Up In The Sky

Today Writing Fiction is honored to present a short story by guest blogger, nine-year-old Sophie.  

          How Little Miss Piggy Wound Up
In The Sky 

 Once there lived a pig named Little Miss Piggy. She lived on a huge farm. She lived in a small pen next to the apple orchard, Bob the cow’s pen, and the big cherry red barn.
The owners of the farm were really kind, there was Millie, a seven year old, who loved pigs and her dad Rob.
One morning Little Miss Piggy was eating her breakfast when Bob walked over and in a deep voice said,

“Good morning Little Miss Piggy!”
Little Miss Piggy slowly put her foot in the air, waved, then continued munching on a browning apple.
All of a sudden Millie skipped over and gave her a big squeeze (pigs are Millie’s favorite animal).
Bob starts to walk over to join the cuddle fest when he hits his head on a loose board in the doorway.

“MOOOOO!” he yelled (rather than ow). Little Miss Piggy was terribly frightened by the noise Bob made after his sudden misfortune and ran out of her pen, through the apple orchard, and into the woods.
 After several hours of running it was evening when Little Miss Piggy finally slowed down. She suddenly realizes she’s lost. After a few minutes she decides to walk the way she thinks will direct her home.
Little Miss Piggy starts walking ever so slowly on her aching legs. She wasn’t looking were she’s going and walked straight onto a busy road and sadly got hit by a humungous truck.
Back at the farm Rob and Millie were so sad Little Miss Piggy ran away. They knew she wasn’t coming back. But just then they saw something amazing!

“ Daddy look! Daddy up there!  In the sky! DADDY!!!!!!!!!!” Millie was so excited to see …  

The gods had risen Little Miss Piggy into the sky so that forevermore, Rob and Millie could remember her sweet personality and her adorable little face.
And every night,  Millie looks up and sees her favorite pet pig, Little Miss Piggy, up in the sky.

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