Writers Wanted

Three Acts by Three Authors

Writers Wanted. Flash Fiction and More.

We’ve mentioned Little CAB Press before. Well, they’re opening up more opportunities for all writers – newbies and pros.

To be sure, Little CAB is desirous of quality prose but seems to have a wondrous tolerance for effort. Plus, the newly opened slots are for blog posts and not the impending anthologies. It’s a great chance to get your feet wet.

Read more about it here www.LittleCABPress.com or send them a message from the web site.

How We’re Having Fun.

My big brother, Roy, Darling Daughter, Laurie, and I decided to have fun with the flash fiction part of Little CAB’s invitation. We opted to write one act each of about 300 words.

Roy wrote Act I and titled it The Jock and the Nerd. He sent it to me.

I hadn’t seen it until it hit my inbox, but I wrote Act II up to the crises point.

That left Laurie with Act III, saving the wreck and supplying the denouement.

None of us have written flash fiction before unless you count the letters I’ve sent to my children documenting their Uncle’s shenanigans – and, of course, those weren’t fiction.

So Here’s How It’s Stacking Up.

See the picture above. The three parts should blend together into a unified whole that makes the charming figure the model that she is. (A certain publisher posed for the picture.)

Act I starts as a flying saucer, Act II brings us an executive contemplating this year’s goat crop. Act III is a piece of literary fiction that shows how all her efforts are programmed and she has no free will.

Or something like that. We don’t know if Little CAB will post our combined acts, but meanwhile, it’s our enjoyment and we plan on doing some more.

How about you? Join in at www.littlecabpress.com and let me know how you did. It’s fun.

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