Visualizing Your Story

Are there Panthers in Kingman, Arizona?

Visualizing Your Story

Creative people have exciting lives.

Look carefully just above the dash to see the cat running to the left.

Give credit where it’s due.

Frances has just had cataract surgery and her eyesight has improved immensely. She can see now, even with only one eye done, better than she has in a long time.

She spotted it right away.

Allie’s in on the action.

Our favorite oldest granddaughter posted the picture on Facebook with the notation, “Look what we saw last night.”

Her mother, our Darling Daughter, wanted to know if she had called the police.

Concern for Allie was high at our house. That cat was too big to be a house cat and with a tail that long couldn’t be a bobcat. It had to be a mountain lion, or could it even be a Panther?

Checking for safety.

Frances texted Allie for more information. She got it.

There are dumpsters in Kingman, Arizona

What Allie posted was a picture of a dumpster fire.

Clearing it up.

That rascally pair of sunglasses sitting on the dash must allow the viewer to see things differently.

But don’t you think that catching a glimpse of a fleeting Panther where none should be is much more exciting than a dumpster fire?

What do you see? Leave a comment here.

Writing Fiction is posted on Wednesdays.

Thank a veteran.

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