Critique Groups

We Will Critique Your Story.

Who Told You That You Could Write?

Do we really need to hear that?
Well, no. That’s a little harsh and that’s not what critique groups do. (At least for others. I’ve watched members bite their tongues bloody while I read.)

Here’s What We Need.

More than a gathering, we need an alliance with writers near our skill level so our work doesn’t bore them silly. Preferably we can find those with talents that exceed ours. The benefits of listening to their suggestions can have an immediate effect on our stories for the better.

But, of course, that’s all that a correct critique gives us – suggestions. We can take ’em or leave ’em.
I’m lucky to be included with talented authors who write in the action/adventure and autobiographical genres. They have different slants on plots, conflicts, and tension. Looking through their eyes always adds depth and reasoning to my scenes.

And I appreciate them. I can use all the help they give me writing in my genre of speculative fiction, which should more properly be in the groping, disjointed, and flat character genre.

Here’s What They Give Us.

I love the size of our circle. It seems just right to have time for everyone to give his or her reading and receive an assessment. We will have submitted the pages we want critiqued prior to the meeting, but reading aloud seems to show up hidden errors.
Then, in a caring manner, we go around the table with each person giving an honest opinion as to what worked very well, or what should be changed.

Usually, when I read, they slide breath mints across the table. Then they leave it to the kindest one to burn my pages over a scented candle while inevitably someone will bring up the reason I should read about the Admiral Graf Spee and emulate Captain Hans Langsdorff.

I love those crazy guys.

How does your critique group work for you?
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