Writing in a Community

Cardinalis cardinalis

I didn’t know there is an HOA for writers.

How is that even possible?
I wrote a first draft about the beautiful red bird – Cardinalis cardinalis – the cardinal.
I meant to point out that the symbolism and affection shown from such places as Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia, where it is the official State Bird, is far larger than its medium size. The cardinal is commonly recognized and adored by most folks, not just birdwatchers.
I thought I had a good tribute going.

Concerned Citizen
A “concerned citizen” turned me in to the Writer’s HOA for not treating her religion with respect.
Doesn’t HOA stand for Home Owner’s Association?
It also stands for Hateful Overreacting Agitators. It turns out that this particular HOA has many members and they’re vigilant for anything that will upset their delicate sensibilities.
In my case, I was warned to clean up my draft within two weeks or face a stiff penalty.
Honest, I didn’t consider a member of the clergy, much less try to slight one in my avian acclamation.
I’ve pulled the offensive essay but I’m waiting to hear from Arizona, St. Louis, and hundreds of Little League teams across the country. I don’t know how they’ll find out but neither do I know how “concerned citizen” found out what I was writing.
Did you ever have someone make an effort to look over the fence into your yard and then be offended? Leave a comment.
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Thank a veteran.

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