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Words Per Minute

Is your writing speeding up or, like mine, seem to be trudging along?
To help you get productive, published, and learn something about marketing your story, go to, look over the opportunities they offer and submit a short story. It’s a wonderful platform geared to beginning writers. You won’t find many resources for newbies like them where you can dip your toe into print, but you do have to pay attention to the craft.
Roy just finished another exciting novel that he’s calling Wheat and Blood and he did it while buying one house, selling another two states away, preparing to move, participating in a granddaughter’s wedding, and celebrating a busy holiday season.
An accomplished writer is my daughter, Laurie, who has written several family genealogy books and in so doing uncovered a story she wants to pen. She has done this while working full-time in a demanding job that requires her to spend time in three Arizona cities and attend frequent meetings in Nevada and California.
My biggest problem is the inability to charge to “The End.” I keep stopping to edit, refine and rewrite – and all this on the first draft. I know, I know. And, while I’m thinking about making the corrections, I discover a short story that I pound out, and then it too needs rewriting. I’m getting a lot of time at the keyboard for so little production, but I’m filling up computer memory in Word.
How about you? What’s your snag to production? Leave a comment. Click on the blue heading if the box isn’t visible.
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Thank a veteran.

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