Critique Groups

Murgalump pulled some strings and got me an interview with the Tale Chasers, a premier critique group that meets in Surprise, Arizona. Having access to the critiquing/editing abilities of such intricate minds is a value that any aspiring writer covets.

The Tale Chasers:

 Jack is the author of DEADRUN, a hold your breath and hang on for the ride thriller involving religious artifact theft, emerging political scenes, an unstoppable assassin, and running with the bulls. The person he throws to the wolves to complete the story is a combat veteran suffering from PTSD.  No one is guaranteed to survive.

Sandy is the coauthor of DEADRUN and the group’s grammarian. Wanna know when the question mark goes outside the quotes? She can will tell you. Em dashes, apostrophes, commas, and ellipses don’t scare her. She is immune to parsing intimidation.

Linda is the author of NOT ALL GHOSTS ARE HOLY, an autobiography that takes place mostly in hospitals and convents. Did you ever think there was a cold, dark spot in your room? You may be right. Fascinating and Oh, my gosh, are a couple of phrases to describe Linda’s story.

I would be honored to be a part of this group. They all came to writing after working in specialized careers, but you would think they’ve been at it since grade school. I don’t believe they’re going to have much tolerance for Run, Spot, Run level of my effort, but I’m hoping to play on their sympathy. I have so much to learn from them.

What about your group? I’ll bet it’s fantastic. Tell us about it in comments. If the box isn’t visible, click on the blue header.
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