Building a Gallows

Can you believe it?
I’m told some writers wait years before finding an agent, but there she was: Murgalump Kneffle eyeballing zucchinis in the produce section of Safeway.

Sure. She’d be my agent and teach me all about publishing a book. The first thing I have to do is build a gallows.

Why a presence on social media is called a gallows I’ll never know, but Murgalump says I’ve gotta do it. Practice writing on a blog, she says. So here I am.

First post.

So here’s where we start. Murgalump says to write what I know. I know all about my big brother, Roy. I watched him from the day I was born when he was and still is, lively. I know a lot.

The stories about Roy should come easy enough. It’s learning how to post them, add pictures, and format the blog I’ll have to work through.

Stay tuned. I’m trying for a once-a-week posting.

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