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Bad Advice For Good Writers

You think you’re funny.

Good Writers Still Hear Bad Advice.

We know how to give a meaningful critique, don’t we? It’s all about the craft and style of writing. It’s never personal.
Even when the writing, in our opinion, requires a lot of polish, we can always legitimately praise the writer’s efforts.

So What Happened?

Yep. I was the one doling out the horrible critique.
Well, the actual critique probably wasn’t so off-the-mark and I should have stopped there. It was a well-written piece of flash fiction by an author I like and respect.

Did you notice all the “I’s” above?

That’s right. I inserted myself into the critique of her story by trying to be humorous and telling her that her gritty and gripping tale scared me, and I didn’t realize how mean she is.

She Took The High Road.

She apologized for upsetting me and was about to withdraw her story from entering a contest.

What have I done?

In reality, it’s what I’ve done over and over. Tried to get a laugh from the serious efforts of another.

It never works.

I’m the one that needs to apologize – and I do.

Humbly. Sincerely.

Please, folks. When you get a bad critique, when the rejection slips arrive, even when you succeed and face the jealousy of others, keep on writing.
No one else can tell your story.

With hat in hand, I’ll ask: Have you received an undeserved critique that stung? What did you do?
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